CrossFit is the trend activity of the moment. Combining weightlifting, cardio and gymnastics, this is a sport that aims to work the whole body.

But how to progress quickly and without any harms ?

Why can not you increase your level despite all of your efforts ?
In order to answer your questions and make you progress, we will see 8 problems that prevent you from progressing at CrossFit.

1 – The desire to go much too fast

Generally, the WODs in CrossFit are trainings which allow to go more and more quickly and to lift the heaviest loads possible. As a beginner, you cannot control all the intense movements of CrossFit, and your body is not yet used to work so intensively.
The key is to go step by step, learning to master the gestures and evaluate your abilities. Of course, you also want to measure yourself against professional athletes, you want to set important goals. But if you want to get there too fast, you will get discouraged because you do not feel you’re moving as quick as you wish to. Do not ask your body more than it can bring you. Going slowly, you will avoid injuries and you will progress gradually giving your muscles time to adapt.

2- Do not master the technique

In CrossFit you will find that there are movements such as weightlifting to integrate and that require good control. It takes long and regular training to have a good technique. At each session, learn how to correctly perform the movement that the coach will show you. Rigor, precision and virtuosity will be the most important thing to acquire so that you can fully enjoy the effects of CrossFit.
In order for your movements to be well executed and the training going well, know that it can take time, but if you are diligent and listen to the coach’s advice, you will get there. He already has all the necessary experience and background to help you succeed in your program.

3- Lack of flexibility

Do you want to try CrossFit ? You must know that you are going to get rid of a way of life where your body has only half been solicited, to enter a more active lifestyle. Therefore, if you lack flexibility in a particular movement, this is an opportunity to do some work on yourself and fix it in order to progress smoothly. You can work flexibility and mobilize before and after the sessions to improve your skills.

4- The fear of pushing one’s limits

Often, we are tempted to stay in our comfort zone. However, if you want to progress, it is appropriate to reduce the rest time between each movement to progress more quickly. Of course, this does not mean that you can not catch your breath, but rather, better manage your breaks to acquire a good technique quickly.
Try to excel from time to time and push your limits as much as possible. Keep in mind that the best athletes work their weaknesses and do everything to strengthen their strengths. So why not you ?

5- Neglecting rest

Whether you are a beginner or experienced, know that you should not skimp on recovery time and sleep. Train 6 days out of 7 yes, but at what price? The body is not a machine. In addition, CrossFit training is very intense. Muscle damage happens quickly, so it’s better to guard against it.
It is not uncommon to see a CrossFit athletes want to improve and add programs to each of his sessions. But the more you rest, the more your body will be ready for a new training. The lack of rest is a trap in which you must not fall. You must plan a recovery time. Why ? Because sleep is essential for muscle development. To progress, it is necessary to exercise the muscles, but also give them maximum rest to regenerate. It is recommended to sleep about 7 to 9 hours per night. Also, spend a whole day resting. Get a massage and try to work on your stamina. If you really want to work on your body, work at least on your tissues and joints using foam-rollers or elastics.

6- Do not cling to your mental strength

Generally, when you go through a difficult situation, it is good for your mental health and strenght to get up and keep fighting. It’s the same for CrossFit. While it is complex to find the will to continue, since it is a long-term fight, you have to adopt a winning mentality. Mental strength as well as physical strength is indispensable.

7 – Having a diet too rich

You have to adopt a positive attitude and have a proper diet too. If you do not eat properly, the body will store as much fat as it will feel hungry. Do not deprive yourself but learn to eat healthy, with good fat.
There is no question of dieting, but carefully selecting your food and varying your meals.

8- Do not follow up on its evolution

Remember to record all your sessions on your application and write down the loads you can lift, the movements made, the training time … You will have more follow-up of your achievements and your progress and you will see what you need to improve to achieve your goals. Also, you will have a better perception of your weaknesses.

CrossFit is a sport for everyone. To progress, you must not give up, you need to persevere and follow these 8 points.