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Welcome to CrossFit All Elements, your CrossFit box in Gland!

Our mission at CrossFit All Elements is to improve your life, your health, your fitness through physical activities adapted to your condition. We put all our skills, equipment and premises at your disposal in such a way that you can effectively achieve your personal physical goals.

Crossfit All Elements works with you, whatever your fitness

Everyone is welcome. Whether you are an experienced athlete, a beginner, a sport and fitness fan, or even a former athlete, we and our Nyon crossfit gym are here for you. For confident and experienced athletes, we offer you a tailor-made crossfit training to help you improve your physical performance as part of the preparation for a competition (we even offer weightlifting classes and many more).

We offer a warm and well equipped crossfit near Nyon, precisely in Gland

At CrossFit All Elements, we place great importance on the human and community dimension of sport and crossfit in particular. As such, than just imposing you a lonely and unattractive sport routine, we welcome you to a very warm and friendly setting in Gland. Our box crossfit nyon is therefore found in Gland (Path of the Vernay 74, 1196 Gland), precisely the crossfit rooms 14 and 15. Coming from the highway of the city, it will take you just 5 minutes for you get there, only 10 minutes if you come from the train station of the city and 15 minutes only if you come from Nyon by car.


Crossfit All Elements


Adaptable training method according to the level, using constantly varied and high intensity functional movements.

Private Coaching

Private lessons with a personalized program and adapted according to your objectives and needs.


Intense and sustained course with programming to prepare for competitions.


Nutrition is an indispensable tool to loose weight or gain muscle, to feel better and optimize your sports performances.

For all athletes, from the most confident to the shy ones, the beginners or the strongests

 CrossFit All Elements offers you all the possibilities to find the pleasures of sport or effort, discover new sensation, feel great or to prepare for a competition.

At CrossFit All Elements we offer classes for all levels, we adapt according to your needs and expectations as well as specific weightlifting classes and competitors for the more advanced. CrossFit can intimidate, or even discourage but our expert coaches are there to help you accomplishing your goals and build a program that suits you.

The box is located in Gland, 10mins walk from Gland train station or 15 mins drive from Nyon. We are located in an ideal place, with parking places.

At Crossfit All Elements you can feel at home in our Nordic Style Lounge Bar to enjoy a coffee, smoothie or just to relax.
We organize a lot of sporting events to have fun and meet the community. To stay informed, follow us on our Facebook page and our Instagram account.

We look forward to meeting you,

The experience of our team of professional coaches at your service

At CrossFit All Elements, we know that crossfit, like any other physical activity, can be discouraging. Also, this activity cannot produce the results expected in time, especially when you are not well surrendered. We greatly appreciate the effort and time you devote to your well-being/health (both physical and mental) and to achieving your goals (personally or competitively); that is why we mainly put highly experienced coaches at your disposal.

Our coaches, mentors and crossfit experts have all the experience and know-how to motivate, assist and train you in the best way for you to effectively reach your goals. Their experience as Swiss champions in several sports will greatly help you, as well as their training and advising qualities will allow you to produce impressive results in a reasonable time interval. Our crossfit coaches in Gland assist you in crossfit, gymnastics, weightlifting, competitor mode, nutrition and private coaching; you even have the opportunity to have fun alone (without a coach) and make your own programme, thanks to our open gym programme.


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Crossfit is a proven training method

The crossfit to which you are trained (among other training programmes that we offer you and which you can discover in our service section) is a whole philosophy. It is actually a training programme designed to improve the general physical (and cardiovascular) fitness of the person practising. For this, it is based on a variety of functional movements, most often at high intensity, and this in a motivating setting like ours.

This training method (its effectiveness and even its efficiency) has proven and continues to prove itself. For example, in the world of cinema (on the side of reality), in 4 months only, the actors to play in the film “300” have achieved an impressive physical transformation through the practice of crossfit, as Henry Cavill (in 6 months of training only), the very strong actor of “Man of Steal”. Better still, according to its initiator, the crossfit is internationally recognised as the main training method of many police schools, special units of military formations, martial arts champions, and many high-level athletes.


Improvement of the physical health/condition

You just need some time to practice the crossfit to notice a real improvement in your health/fitness. You will notice in particular an increase of your muscles, a reduction in fat, as well as a better breathing condition.
Improvement of the psychic health/condition
Like any other serious physical activity, crossfit allows you to de-stress and free your mind. In addition, at CrossFit All Elements, you do not have this mental weight due to loneliness and monotony of training; you are part of a community based on support, mutual help, motivation, sharing of experience, even competition when it can help you progress. It is this kind of environment that is ideal for your psyche.


Development of the competition spirit and therefore of victory

The practice of crossfit will put you in a deep competition, not only with your community, but also (and especially) with yourself. You will always want to improve, go further… become a winner. This competition and victory spirit (better effort or improvement) that this activity develops in you is very beneficial for your physical health, but also for other aspects of your life, because from now you will rarely give up, you will be more confident and more aware of your strength whatsoever.


Improvement of the state of mind

Some crossfit exercises will certainly be a hit, but once finished, even by surpassing yourself, it will greatly improve your state of mind. You will have a noble feeling of accomplished work that you can even develop in other aspects of your life.


Preparing to overcome the physical challenges of everyday life

Crossfit is the key for a better quality of life. Functional movements used during crossfit sessions are very close to the movements you do everyday. As such, climbing stairs, carrying things, etc., and even staying properly upright will now be child’s play for you.


Improvement of the physical look

Although this aesthetic benefit is not the one we encourage you to look for first, it can’t be denied that crossfit greatly enhances your physical look, whether you are a woman or a man. Anyway, forget about this advantage and just come and train with us for the reasons above, and you’ll see the result!


Crossfit Nutrition

Everyone agrees that nutrition represents at least 80% of the efforts we must put in trying to reach our fitness goals.
CrossFit athletes are no exception to the rule. In the contrary, the CrossFit training

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